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Mathew Owens

O’Leary has helped me greatly to move my business and accomplish my goals. He has helped get me through those sticking points and guides me to outline my business which gives me clarity and control over my business and tasks.

Mathew Owens, CPA, OCG Properties, LLC
Hunter Thompson

O’Leary has been incredibly beneficial in assisting me in clarifying my goals, identifying weak points, and executing a plan which will grow my business.

Hunter Thompson, Cash Flow Connections
Lynn Lord

O’Leary helped me have clarity in what I needed to do to improve my business. He had creative ideas and was excited to work on projects with me.


O’Leary Logan is a game changer. From the onset, he cares enough to be honest, and his honesty is a powerful force of change for individuals and organizations.

Don Pierro, CEO, Empower Lab Strategic Coaching
Samantha Timmermann

When you have a project that’s big, hairy and audacious with no end in sight and a super tight deadline, you pick up the phone and call Renaissance Works. Karen Logan and her go-to team are armed with the skills needed to successfully organize and execute a flawless project.

Samantha Timmermann, Outsourced Inbound Marketer
Peter Wallace

Karen is an excellent adviser and coach who helps business owners move their businesses forward through the development of solid strategies and plans of action.

Peter Wallace, Vice President Information Technology, CSBS
Dan Benamoz

Karen does exceptional work, as promised and on time. We have utilized her services on numerous occasions from developing processes and procedures to presentations. I highly recommend Karen. If you value quality and reliability, she’s a bargain.

Dan Benamoz, Founder and CEO of Pharmacy Development Services
Jim Castiglia

Karen has a superb business mind! Her experience and focus helped me accomplish specific organizational objectives and gave me great clarity, enabling me to move forward and produce key results.

Jim Castiglia, Founder and CEO of Streetfighter Consulting
Marcia Zidle

As a productivity specialist and author of “Structured for Success” Karen communicated how to eliminate the frustration, long hours and firefighting that many entrepreneurs and business leaders deal with daily. Each of her 5 strategies to create order and efficiency in one’s business rang bells for me as I realized that I can be more productive – that I can get control of my life and work.

Marcia Zidle, MS, BCC, Smart Moves Coach
Amber Tippett

O’Leary is an innovator who inspires and teaches transformation in all areas of life and work. I’m grateful for the way he challenges me to advance, take risks and never settle.

Amber Tippett, Amber Tippett Coaching
Phaedra Cucina

Karen is an expert problem solver! She has widened my perspective on many business challenges, helping me to see not just one solution to an issue, but many.

Phaedra Cucina, Sr. Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Dell
Paul Perry

O’Leary is simply world-class. I heard him just before embarking on a corporate re-branding initiative. What I heard allowed me to re-frame our brand strategy into a simple question, “Who we are committed to be for our clients?” That question made all the difference.

Paul Perry, Ergatas Design
Brent Loney

Karen is an A+++ at detail and business processes in my opinion. She helped us redesign our Organizational Chart and worked us through the documentation several process flows in our business.

Brent Loney, President, Cheetah Electric

Karen has enormous expertise . . . in terms of helping by getting along side of you and working at the problem that is rather than trying to solve the problem that isn’t. She has really helped me in my business in a very short space of time.

Kay Horgan, AgeWorks
Keith J. Cunningham

The knowledge and profound insights Karen has about business structure and the actionable steps required to create sustainable success is in [Structured for Success].

Keith Cunningham, Author of The Ultimate Blueprint for an Insanely Successful Business and creator of CFO Scoreboard.
Craig Sunada

O’Leary constantly challenges me to move beyond my comfort zone and to take bold actions every day. It is only through this process that transformation occurs.

Craig Sunada, The Law Offices of Craig S. Sunada