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Helping You to Achieve Your Outcomes

We believe that business owners are dedicated workers and provide huge value for their customers. You put in many hard hours to provide a unique service and product for your community.

We’ve created a number of services to help you discover and implement the systems, structure and leadership you need to make your business thrive.

Business and Executive Coaching

We help you accelerate your business toward your desired outcomes. We help you solve your biggest problems and set a “path to run on” so that you can get a black-belt in business without having to go through years of trial and error from the school of hard knocks.

Leveraging our proven system of coaching, we lead you through the discipline of aligning your thinking, planning and execution to generate results.

With a professional coach as part of your team, you are not alone in the process. You have an advocate on your side to build your dreams.

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Productivity Services

Do you have systems and structures embedded into your business so that you can have sustainable growth?

Most business owners are hard working individuals who started on their own and now have a team of people working for them. Yet, many owners are still executing by intuition and “best guesses.”

We help you create your winning “play-book” of how to run your business so that you can have more productivity and profitability, and less stress.

With over 25 years of experience, we leverage proven Fortune 500 disciplines and tools, that have been scaled for the small business owner, so that you can experience an immediate benefit to your productivity.

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Selling your products or services is the result of clearly delivered conversations, both within your business and to the prospect or client.

We believe that business owners need to spend time working on building their business by building up their people, improving processes and leveraging technology to have growth and sustainability.

We can come and speak to your organization to help you initiate new traction and results.

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What Our Clients Say

O’Leary is world-class. I heard him just before embarking on a corporate re-branding initiative. What I heard allowed me to re-frame our brand strategy into a simple question, “Who we are committed to be for our clients?” That question made all the difference.

Paul PerryPaul Perry, Ergatas Design

O’Leary is an invaluable sounding board, teacher, mentor and, cheerleader. No matter what your business and personal goals are, O’Leary can help you achieve them.

Craig SunadaCraig Sunada, Principal at The Law Offices of Craig S. Sunada

As a productivity specialist and author of “Structured for Success” Karen communicated how to eliminate the frustration, long hours and firefighting that many entrepreneurs and business leaders deal with daily. Each of her 5 strategies to create order and efficiency in one’s business rang bells for me as I realized that I can be more productive – that I can get control of my life and work.

Marcia ZidleMarcia Zidle, MS, BCC, National Radio Show Host