Business and Executive Coaching

Top sports professionals and executives hire coaches to help them to achieve their objectives. Learn how to create breakthrough growth for your business.

We help you accelerate progress toward your desired outcomes. We help you solve your biggest problems and set a “path to run on” so that you can gain traction in your business without having to go through years of trial and error from the school of hard knocks.

Standing with You to Win at Your Game

Benefits of having a coach:

  • Get an outside perspective of your actions, results, strategies, approaches
  • Get tools, tactics and strategies to improve your business game
  • Have a sounding board for troubleshooting issues or trying out ideas
  • Discover limiting conversations that are holding you back from the success you desire
  • Receive accountability to stay on track with your goals
  • Work with someone to solve problems with strategies for success
  • Obtain the benefit of 20 years of experience in other industries and disciplines that you can apply to your business

With a professional coach as part of your team you are not alone in your process and you have an advocate on your side to build your dreams.

We have a team of coaches and can help you find the right fit for your needs.

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What Our Clients Say

O’Leary has been incredibly beneficial in assisting me in clarifying my goals, identifying weak points, and executing a plan which will grow my business.

Hunter ThompsonHunter Thompson, Cash Flow Connections

O’Leary helped me have clarity in what I needed to do to improve my business. He had creative ideas and was excited to work on projects with me.

Lynn LordLynn Lord, GRI, CLHMS, RE/MAX

O’Leary Logan is a game changer. From the onset, he cares enough to be honest, and his honesty is a powerful force of change for individuals and organizations.

Don Pierro

Karen is an excellent adviser and coach who helps business owners move their businesses forward through the development of solid strategies and plans of action.

Peter WallacePeter Wallace, Vice President Information Technology, CSBS

When you have a project that’s big, hairy and audacious with no end in sight and a super tight deadline, you pick up the phone and call Renaissance Works. Karen Logan and her go-to team are armed with the skills needed to successfully organize and execute a flawless project.

Samantha TimmermannSamantha Timmermann, Outsourced Inbound Marketer

Karen does exceptional work, as promised and on time. We have utilized her services on numerous occasions from developing processes and procedures to presentations. I highly recommend Karen. If you value quality and reliability, she’s a bargain.

Dan BenamozDan Benamoz, Independent Pharmacy Business Expert
  • Being a Sounding Board
  • Providing 360° Feedback
  • Leadership Skills Training
  • Executing a Plan
  • Increasing Sales Performance
  • Daily Effectiveness
  • Cultivating a Coaching Culture
  • Reducing Friction and Delay
  • Communication Skills
  • Thinking Capabilities
  • Assessing Business Owner Risk
  • Helping through a Challenging Period
  • Mission Integration
  • Projects and Initiatives
  • Specific Skills Training
  • Team Building
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Creating an Accountability Culture
  • Catalyst for Change
  • Problem-Solving
  • Improving Leader Impact
  • Identifying the Metrics
  • Delivering Assessments
  • Productivity Methods
  • Personnel or Team Issues
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creating Measures
  • Error-Proofing Your Organization
  • Others, as needed!