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O’Leary Logan

Business and Executive Coach, Renaissance Works

O’Leary is a business productivity expert and executive/business coach, with over 15 years of experience. He is Co-founder of Renaissance Works and creator of the Breakthrough Profits Bootcamp.

He teaches business owners the 90% of key disciplines that business schools don’t—the business practices required to achieve increased profits and to position your business for growth.

He leverages world-class, corporate principles and coaching to help small business owners create solutions, shift out of limiting mindsets, and achieve breakthrough results.

  • He believes that as leaders, we need to be “Masters of the Obvious.”
  • Business is an intellectual sport. To win at this game you must have a great team and coach.
  • There is never a lack a resource, only a lack of willingness to change.


My favorite project is coaching business owners to unlock the solutions to their biggest problems.  Often, this resides in two areas:

  1. Getting rid of chaos and
  2. Generating more revenue.

I know that there is never a lack of potential.  Money issues never have anything to do with money, but with how business professionals are not leveraging available resources, sometimes the ones they can’t see in front of them.  Through coaching I help professionals with structured thinking, planning and execution.

My journey began by challenging “what I knew” at age 19, when I was living in my car. I realized then that applying my current knowledge and life practices were not generating the results I wanted. Several formal degrees and successful companies later the learning continues. In a global market and ever-changing economy challenging “what you know,” and how you “do it,” are prime ingredients to win at the intellectual game called business.

I enjoy teaching business owners winning systems and mindsets that aren’t obvious at first, but when applied, help them realize success, for themselves and for those they lead and care for.

I am currently working on my next book: “The Last Word on Procrastination: A Process for Having Tomorrow’s Results Today by Ending Your Procrastination Now!

This writing is designed for everyone who has ever started a project that has mysteriously stopped and then became a huge toleration. Every time you think about this toleration—a crooked stake of paper in the corner, a call you haven’t made that gnaws on you every time you think about “that” person, or a life dream delayed—the frustration lives in your head “rent-free.”

This book will provide a structured pathway to re-articulate your thinking, create a winning plan, and take action to get it done! To complete this project I decided to “eat my own cooking” and get a peer coach to help me get over hurdles in writing this book—and of course to help me stop procrastinating about writing a book on procrastination!

The simple things in life are often the most enjoyable. I keep reminding myself of this whenever I’m “training” my body to stay in physical and mental shape with exercise routines—some of my favorite ones are P90x and Insanity Workouts.

In my off hours I enjoy spending time with my companion of almost 25 years and refurbishing our historical home for us to enjoy.


Do what you know is important and do it NOW. And keep doing it until it's done!

—O'Leary Logan

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