Karen Logan
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Karen Logan

Productivity Specialist and Business Coach, Renaissance Works

Karen Logan is co-founder and CEO of Renaissance Works. Since 2001, she has provided businesses worldwide with systems and structures to grow their companies and get projects launched.

She has a passion to help small business owners create sustainable futures for themselves and their teams by providing practical and actionable strategies.


Working alongside business owners to help them identify, resolve and implement new strategies for success. This usually shows up in:

  • Reduced waste of time, money and resources
  • Increased peace of mind, team dynamics and forward planning

Many business owners feel alone in the process. They may read good books or take great webinars but don’t know how to apply the tools and strategies when they get back to the office. My approach is to take solutions and help you get implemented. By working with you, as the business owner, you have a sounding board to get your vision realized in practical, measurable ways.

A number of years ago, I was able to reinvent myself and move into my passion of becoming a business owner. Although I had tried many years prior, I was young, inexperienced, and lacked confidence. When I tried again, I found that I had skills that were appreciated in the marketplace. I also discovered that I was more successful than some of my colleagues at handling back office tasks. It was then that I realized that I had learned some transferable skills from my many years working in small business and large corporations. With the encouragement and demand my peers, I started helping them understand my unique approach to getting my business organized. Writing my book was one of the pivotal points of my career to date. I was able to carefully consider and “bottle” my philosophy so that others could learn and create a pathway to sustainability and growth. Becoming a bestseller was rewarding feedback that the message was resonating with the business community.
I am currently working on my next book, which addresses the practical steps on how you take your business from “mom and pop” to a professionally managed business. Clients have asked, “so what’s next?” This book seemed like a great way to support the growing business!
A few years back, I realized that if I was not healthy, it would be a risk to the business. From that point forward, I started on a quest to move into healthier ways of living. I love being outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature. Walking, hiking and running are my ways to explore. Check out some of my videos I created while on my adventures!

I also enjoy visiting estate sales and vintage stores. There’s something about the charm of old items and giving them a new life that creates joy.


Don’t let the immediate tasks of today take you away from creating your future. Schedule time with yourself to create an intentional future that fulfills the dream of why you got into business.

—Karen Logan, Author of Structured for Success

The day-to-day demands often take priority. Giving them priority creates an unending pattern of chaos and overwhelm. Just a few simple strategies can begin to create peace of mind and provide your business with a pathway to growth and sustainability. Structured for Success can provide you a roadmap for your future peace of mind.