Three Ways to Increase the Return on your Labor Costs!

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Is labor a big expense in your business? For most businesses it’s the largest expense category and one that needs focused attention to obtain the best return for your labor costs investment. […]

Twelve Golden Nuggets to Finish the Year Strong! #2

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Our holiday gift to you is 12 Success Strategies that we use to finish our year strong and get ready for a successful start to the new year. Gold Nugget #2: Celebrate Your Success! You’ve accomplished a lot this year. Before you launch new goals and plans, take time to celebrate your successes–the improvements you’ve integrated, the goals you’ve accomplished and the challenges where you’ve had victory. One of highest contributors to job satisfaction is knowing that you’re making a difference. Make sure that you and your team end the year with a clear picture of accomplishments.  It’s a great year-end bonus for all. […]

Twelve Golden Nuggets to Finish the Year Strong! #1

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Our holiday gift to you is 12 Success Strategies that we use to finish our year strong and get ready for a successful start to the new year. We’ve made them short and sweet and ready to use! Gold Nugget #1: Success Starts with a Plan! List the things you want to have wrapped up and accomplished by the end of the year. Take this time to laser-focus and get traction on projects and activities that may have lingered on your “to do” list. […]

Making Your Time Off Productive for Body and Spirit (#1)

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Happy Thanksgiving! Our US traditional Thanksgiving holiday is rooted in the hopeful beginnings of people who took on great challenges, encountered adversity and still made space to celebrate gratitude with newfound friends. I love that there are days to decompress, rejuvenate and focus on gratitude. With the struggles and challenges we may face from day to day, there are many things we can be grateful for. […]

Celebrating Small Businesses

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Here’s a tribute to you, the small business owner! As we head towards the holidays, we’ll hear a lot about “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” and “Small Business Saturday”. But you and I are in business throughout the year and are making a contribution to our economies and communities every day. Consider these contributions of the small business owner in the US: Provides 55% of the jobs Represents 99% of all employers Creates 54% of the Gross National Product Creates 60 – 80% of the new jobs […]

Is it Possible to Multi-Task “On the Run!?”

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It’s been confirmed by studies and researchers that we are most productive when focusing on completing one task at a time versus trying to do many things all at once. However, there are some cases where multi-tasking works at its best advantage. Watch this short video to inspire you to become more productive through this invigorating idea.  Learn how you can multi-task by leveraging technology – while you’re on the run! […]

Use your Smartphone to Save Time and Get Things Done

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“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time. — Steve Jobs Call me late to the party but I just got a new iPhone with “Siri” a few weeks ago. I’ve been a huge fan of my iPhone calling it lovingly the “oracle of knowledge”. However, now it’s moved into “Star Trek” status for me. As a productivity expert, I am over the moon with the increased time saved having Siri (a interactive voice recognition tool) as my own pocket administrative assistant. In fact, this entire blog was drafted on one of my evening runs, dictating to Siri. […]

How to Solve Big Problems for Small Businesses: Part 3

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“One of the unsung heroes of our workforce is the business owner — who wears many hats and may fore go time-off and compensation in order to make sure customers are served, employees are paid and their families are taken care of.” Did you labor to build your business or serve your customer this weekend? In Part 3 of this podcast series, Karen is interviewed, by Viver Israel (from Money In Your Pocket), and talks about simple approaches business owners can use to achieve growth and productivity for their business by leveraging resources that may already be in place. […]