Tame Your Email Inbox – Make it Work for You!

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Do you feel like you’re chained to your email? Are you constantly weeding through emails to find the important ones? Are you getting all your business emails in one inbox? You’re asking your email inbox to do too much! In working with clients with similar challenges, I found that the following approach helped them to better manage their time and to enable delegation. You can apply this strategy to better manage your time and productivity. […]

Six Tips for Avoiding Technology Troubles

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“Wasting time is robbing oneself” – Estonian Proverb Technology can be a time saver when all is working well. However, if team members or customers are not prepared; time, money and customer goodwill is lost. Yesterday I went to access my email account through the website and saw a change in the login screen. The layout was different and the usual branding was missing. Was the site hijacked? Was a 3rd party trying to steal my password? […]

Twelve Golden Nuggets to Finish the Year Strong! #10

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Counting down the last few days before year-end! Here is the 10th of our holiday gifts to you! Use these strategies to finish your year strong and get ready for a successful start to the new year. This one will take away headaches! Gold Nugget #10: Get Your Inbox to Zero! If your inbox is like mine, it is constantly collecting emails that need decisions. A few years ago I took a class on how to get my email inbox to zero. It revolutionized my email management! Overflowing email inboxes drain energy and consume mental energy. There’s nothing as refreshing as having a clean inbox. It provides empowerment when decisions have been made. […]

Use your Smartphone to Save Time and Get Things Done

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“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time. — Steve Jobs Call me late to the party but I just got a new iPhone with “Siri” a few weeks ago. I’ve been a huge fan of my iPhone calling it lovingly the “oracle of knowledge”. However, now it’s moved into “Star Trek” status for me. As a productivity expert, I am over the moon with the increased time saved having Siri (a interactive voice recognition tool) as my own pocket administrative assistant. In fact, this entire blog was drafted on one of my evening runs, dictating to Siri. […]

Leveraging Technology for Productivity: Avoiding “Tech Regret”

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"... [technology} applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency." - Bill Gates Technology can be a tremendous way to create efficiency, productivity and cost savings.  On the other hand, think about the software, hardware and gadgets that you have purchased that have not given you any return on investment and perhaps have cost you time, money and frustration in the long run.  As an example, consider how many apps you have on your smart phone. How many of those are creating productivity? How many are making the cash register ring? How many are wasting time or creating stress? Fortunately, most apps are free or low cost. However, business software and other technology solutions are larger investments due to cost of the product, training, data conversion, customization or other unknown costs.  If you have the same type of waste and inefficiency for these higher cost solutions as with your [...]