Supercharge Your Sales and Marketing!

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Do you find yourself struggling to find new business? Are sales or marketing a “foreign language” to you?  Is it either “feast or famine” for your product or service? In my book, Structured for Success, I lay out a three-part approach for thinking about your business that “chunks down” all your tasks and groups them so you can conquer overwhelm.  Think about your business in these main areas:   “Sell it”, “Do it”, and “Care for it. Find help here. . . […]

How to Stretch Your Comfort Zone and Expand Your Horizons

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“Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” – Michael Jordan Continual learning is a priority for your “intellectual fitness” as a business owner. Part of that learning is venturing into areas outside your comfort zone. Every time you take on a new challenge you are confronted with new questions, new problems to solve and new obstacles to overcome. There is the opportunity to live into your potential and discover that your fear was just an illusion. This year I took on a new challenge: publish a bestselling book. I found that this was just the beginning of the journey of stretching my comfort zone. Writing and publishing the book was the first “stretch” into this new world. Marketing and promoting it was another — a new and different challenge. […]