Secret Question to Make Every Meeting a Success!

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  How many meetings have you been to that are a total waste of time and money?You’re sitting there in the meeting wondering, staring at others, perhaps rolling your eyes, knowing it's not going well, or worse, infuriated that the whole episode is a full-on time-suck of your life!Does this sound familiar?I learned a unique approach long ago that helped me shift my thinking about meetings to make them more meaningful.Participation = More ValueThe secret is in how to own a meeting, instead of letting it own you.Ask this question before your next meeting: "Why Did I Call This Meeting?" Watch this short video on how using this question can make any meeting more valuable to you.To your success,O'Leary Logan & Team Renaissance    PS: Let me know how this works for you.  You can contact me here.  Get weekly Success Strategies

Let Let Freedom Ring – 5 Strategies to Create Hope and Freedom in Your Day!

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The Fourth of July is a day of celebration and time off for many people in the United States.  We celebrate our American Independence Day – freedom from tyranny and hope for a free future. Today I come back into the office refreshed and ready to finish up the short week with vigor.  I feel released from the “tyranny” of my “to do” list and have a new hope for achieving my goals. It got me thinking, “Why, do I feel this freedom today?” I realized that in just one day, I had incorporated most of my strategies that rejuvenate me and give me hope. Many of our clients come to us because they feel overwhelmed and are looking for hope and freedom.  Perhaps you find yourself in need of these too. Try one or more of my favorite hope and freedom strategies: Get out and Move.  My favorite [...]

Make Fridays Your Launchpad for Freedom!

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"You put your time where your priority is."  -- Sebastian Faulks    There's nothing like a Friday to launch yourself into a rejuvenating weekend -- but it takes a little planning!   To leave the office behind and make sure Monday is a success, a few steps is all it takes.   We've got a recipe for that!!  In our office, Friday's are "Street Sweeper" days where we take time to get our calendars, lists, desks and desktops "re-grouped" and ready for the next week. I have three priorities for my Street Sweeper Friday: Wrap up my current week:  Clean/organize my desk/desktop Review/update lists and actions Tie up pending calls, emails, "to dos" Plan for my next week:  Set/confirm appointments Refresh list of tasks and priorities Set-up "Working Sessions" for my projects Be prepared mentally and physically to take time off: Set the "ending time" for the day so I [...]

3 Simple Ways to Make Mondays a Powerful Kick-off for Your Week!

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Most people look at Monday's as an interruption to the weekend and the beginning of a hectic workweek. I like Mondays and see them as a way to kick-off the week with new opportunities for success. Mondays can have that "fresh new start feel" for you, too.  Here are 3 simple ways that you can have a better Monday every week: Decide to change your attitude about Mondays.  Look at Mondays as a fresh new start, a great beginning and kick-off for a new week, full of promise and hope. Have a morning walk or workout to shift your mindset and arrive to work fresh. Make sure your Monday starts with purpose and direction. Use Fridays to wrap-up your final thoughts and create a kick-off list with specific tasks. That way if you're a little bit groggy on Monday, you’ll have some direction that will allow you to warm-up for the day. Have an appointment [...]


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Can you believe how quickly the last quarter of the year is sneaking up on us? Do you still have goals you started in January that you have yet to achieve?  Are you asking, “How will I ever complete them?!” The good news is that there is plenty of time to shift course, apply new action to achieve your goals before the end of the year! We call that finishing strong. Taking an Honest Look. . . […]

Rituals to Boost Your Productivity!

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“Practice does not make perfect; Practice creates a habit.” One condition that I know plagues almost every business owner is they are very, very busy. Do you find yourself in this camp? At the end of the day do you find you still have a week’s worth of activity to complete? You wake up at 5am and you’re already 3 hours behind!? […]

Freedom From The Perfection Trap!

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“Profit is better than perfection.” Do you find yourself continually caught in trying to make things perfect? You may be in a trap that many business owners find themselves – afraid to pull the trigger on a decision, release a product or send out a marketing piece because it just needs a little more research or tweaking. Making something perfect can take away your opportunity to get your business moving forward and may be creating long hours in the office. […]

Six Tips to Eliminate Meeting Mayhem!

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Do you find it challenging to schedule appointments in other time zones? Do calls not happen because of miscommunication? As business becomes more global, time zone considerations become a critical part of coordinating effective meetings. These are some of my strategies that make it easier for client and leads to connect and to have productive sessions. […]

Tame Your Email Inbox – Make it Work for You!

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Do you feel like you’re chained to your email? Are you constantly weeding through emails to find the important ones? Are you getting all your business emails in one inbox? You’re asking your email inbox to do too much! In working with clients with similar challenges, I found that the following approach helped them to better manage their time and to enable delegation. You can apply this strategy to better manage your time and productivity. […]