Supercharge Your Sales and Marketing!

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Do you find yourself struggling to find new business? Are sales or marketing a “foreign language” to you?  Is it either “feast or famine” for your product or service? In my book, Structured for Success, I lay out a three-part approach for thinking about your business that “chunks down” all your tasks and groups them so you can conquer overwhelm.  Think about your business in these main areas:   “Sell it”, “Do it”, and “Care for it. Find help here. . . […]

Six Tips to Eliminate Meeting Mayhem!

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Do you find it challenging to schedule appointments in other time zones? Do calls not happen because of miscommunication? As business becomes more global, time zone considerations become a critical part of coordinating effective meetings. These are some of my strategies that make it easier for client and leads to connect and to have productive sessions. […]

Proven System for Growing a Winning Team

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Do you find it difficult to find the right players for your team? Do you feel like you need to micro-manage them to get what you want? It may be that you don’t have an effective system for growing your team. Having the right system in place will create a winning strategy for your business. […]

Five Strategies for Creating Order, Productivity and Efficiency in Your Business!

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Do you find you’re constantly fighting fires in your business? Are you leaking profits because you don’t have the needed structure in place? What risks do you have in your business if someone leaves and takes their knowledge with them? […]

Three Ways to Increase the Return on your Labor Costs!

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Is labor a big expense in your business? For most businesses it’s the largest expense category and one that needs focused attention to obtain the best return for your labor costs investment. […]

Seven Winning Strategies for Your Business (#5)

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We’ve created this special series to inspire you to achieve your outcomes. Champion athletes and teams leverage many fundamentals to win the game. This series covers 7 basic fundamentals to help you stay on target and win in your business. Winning Strategy 5: Assemble a Winning Team! “The one thing that hasn’t changed is the team that fields the best players wins.” —Jack Welch Successful athletes have a team that helps them win. For example, in football, a quarterback is supported by the other team members playing their positions and understanding their roles. Having an effective team is part of a winning strategy. Your winning team in business is one that has the right people in the right places with the right skills, temperament and training! They know what is expected of them and how they can make a meaningful contribution. […]

Twelve Golden Nuggets to Finish the Year Strong! #6

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Here is the 6th of our holiday gifts to you! Use these strategies to finish your year strong and get ready for a successful start to the new year. Gold Nugget #6: Give the Gift of Appreciation! Your team, your clients, your customers, your colleagues and mentors have all played a part in making things work for you and your business this year. Don’t forget to acknowledge the people around you and those who support your business. Giving appreciation is a simple and powerful way to wrap up the year with the holiday spirit. It’s a gratitude exercise that will show you how many resources you actually have available to make your business run successfully. […]

Making Your Time Off Productive for Your Business Success (#2)

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Holidays provide many with an opportunity to remember special people and have an extended weekend. Time off is such a critical aspect of your success strategy as a business owner. […]

Navigating Seasons of Change

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“The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.” – E. Hubbard One of the significant phases in the life cycle of the employee or team member is the transitioning out — when the team member leaves your company.  Most business owners don’t have an on-boarding process for their new team members and even fewer have a process for when they leave.  Just think of the loss of knowledge and risk exposure that can occur if you are unprepared to handle a team member’s exit successfully. […]

Finishing Strong, Part 3: Appreciation

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“Appreciation breathes life into people.” Appreciation is a gift that fits into everyone’s budget and creates a tremendous amount of goodwill and value. Appreciation allows people to experience having value in the world and in relationship with you, whether it is a family member, a client or even someone you might meet only once at a market, as you’re traveling to a holiday event.  Appreciation is distinct from saying “thank you” -- it acknowledges who they are and not just merely what they do. Appreciate those who have been on the 2012 journey with you and acknowledge those who have contributed to your business and personal life. Here are a few ways to prepare for and practice appreciation: Write out all the successes you have attained this year. Write out at least twelve persons that you are grateful for. Speak out the names of the people that you will appreciate [...]