Find Relief from Overwhelm!

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do in your business? Don’t stress out any further. There is a way for you to find relief simply. In my book, Structured for Success, I lay out a three-part approach for thinking about your business that “chunks down” all your tasks and groups them so you can conquer overwhelm. Think about your business in these main areas: “Sell it”, “Do it”, and “Care for it. […]

Freedom From The Perfection Trap!

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“Profit is better than perfection.” Do you find yourself continually caught in trying to make things perfect? You may be in a trap that many business owners find themselves – afraid to pull the trigger on a decision, release a product or send out a marketing piece because it just needs a little more research or tweaking. Making something perfect can take away your opportunity to get your business moving forward and may be creating long hours in the office. […]

Six Tips to Eliminate Meeting Mayhem!

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Do you find it challenging to schedule appointments in other time zones? Do calls not happen because of miscommunication? As business becomes more global, time zone considerations become a critical part of coordinating effective meetings. These are some of my strategies that make it easier for client and leads to connect and to have productive sessions. […]

Relaxing as a Business Building Tool

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In the United States we are looking forward to a holiday weekend: the celebration of our Independence Day. As a business owner, do you find yourself working endless hours in your business? Are you giving up vacations and weekends as a way to get ahead of the workload? If so, you may be in trouble of burning out the key asset that makes your company run. […]

Victory Over Procrastination (Strategy #3)

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This Victory Over Procrastination series will support you achieving your goals and help you make running your business smoother. Strategy 3: Getting Unstuck! Don’t you wish you had a magic key to solve all your problems — in this case for eliminating your tolerations?! As adults we come to realize that excellent processes will assist us in achieving our desired results.  The same holds true for eliminating each item on your toleration list.  What is the best process? Not all tolerations are created equal.  Certain tolerations are stubborn and refuse to budge. […]

Six Simple Steps to Manage a Busy Schedule

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Did you ever have a busy week that you didn’t know how you’d get it all done? Building productivity and accomplishment can happen by investing just a few minutes at the beginning of the week. Here’s my simple approach to handling multiple projects successfully: […]

Five Strategies for Creating Order, Productivity and Efficiency in Your Business!

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Do you find you’re constantly fighting fires in your business? Are you leaking profits because you don’t have the needed structure in place? What risks do you have in your business if someone leaves and takes their knowledge with them? […]

Count Your WINS to WIN in Life!

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When is the last time you genuinely gave yourself a “pat on the back” for the hard work you do? When is the last time you claimed the wins that you have accomplished? What I’m talking about here is the act of intentionally acknowledging the part of yourself that yearns to know you are succeeding by “staying in the game.” Business can by tough and we need all the help we can get. What about giving help to yourself?! […]

Twelve Golden Nuggets to Finish the Year Strong! #10

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Counting down the last few days before year-end! Here is the 10th of our holiday gifts to you! Use these strategies to finish your year strong and get ready for a successful start to the new year. This one will take away headaches! Gold Nugget #10: Get Your Inbox to Zero! If your inbox is like mine, it is constantly collecting emails that need decisions. A few years ago I took a class on how to get my email inbox to zero. It revolutionized my email management! Overflowing email inboxes drain energy and consume mental energy. There’s nothing as refreshing as having a clean inbox. It provides empowerment when decisions have been made. […]

Twelve Golden Nuggets to Finish the Year Strong! #9

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Counting down the last 2 weeks before year-end!  Here is the 9th of our holiday gifts to you!  Use these strategies to finish your year strong and get ready for a successful start to the new year.  This one will help you feel pounds lighter! Gold Nugget #9: Start the New Year with a Clean Space! The beauty of starting with a clean slate is that you are the author that fills it up with ideas and possibilities. The same can be said with starting your new year with a clean office and desk. There’s nothing like the welcome and peace of mind you get from entering your office and there is order. Starting your year with a clean desk and office will also make you more productive. […]