Let Let Freedom Ring – 5 Strategies to Create Hope and Freedom in Your Day!

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The Fourth of July is a day of celebration and time off for many people in the United States.  We celebrate our American Independence Day – freedom from tyranny and hope for a free future. Today I come back into the office refreshed and ready to finish up the short week with vigor.  I feel released from the “tyranny” of my “to do” list and have a new hope for achieving my goals. It got me thinking, “Why, do I feel this freedom today?” I realized that in just one day, I had incorporated most of my strategies that rejuvenate me and give me hope. Many of our clients come to us because they feel overwhelmed and are looking for hope and freedom.  Perhaps you find yourself in need of these too. Try one or more of my favorite hope and freedom strategies: Get out and Move.  My favorite [...]

3 Ways to Launch into the Third Quarter with New Momentum

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In a few days we start a new quarter – the second half of the year!  It’s a great opportunity for a fresh beginning and a time to be reflective.As business leaders, we will make mistakes. We’ll probably make decisions that we will regret and miss some opportunities. However, the pain of the past can help us to make a more purposeful future.  We can choose to be wiser!Here are three steps to propel yourself into the next quarter with new momentum:Inventory what went well for the first part of the year.  Celebrate the accomplishments and feel the reward of the ground gained.Renew your commitment to begin again with new purpose and energy.Reflect on what didn’t go so well for the first part of the year.  Feel the pain of missed opportunities and bad decisions (ouch!).Re-purpose them for fresh resolve to “go again” and take new action.Consider what plans, ideas and [...]

One Simple Way to Put Money Back to Your Bottom Line

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One of the easiest ways to increase profits is to decrease expenses. It’s a logical step that many business owners neglect because they feel befuddled by finances or have “abdicated” the role to their bookkeeper or finance person.Too easily, we can be seduced by the idea of upgrading our marketing and technology to increase clients and revenues. However we forget that there’s a simple process that provides quick results. A Recipe that WorksWe give our expenses a frequent look throughout the year. We ask ourselves “are these expenses maintaining or attracting customers?”  If each expense isn’t doing the job we wanted to accomplish, then it gets serious analysis for being eliminated. Each expense should help return a profit.The discipline of revisiting all expenses, no matter how large or small, is an important business owner “muscle” to keep in shape.There’s nothing like keeping your finger on the pulse of your business by [...]

One Basic Skill that Will Make You Win More in Negotiations

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"Each party should gain from the negotiation" - Andrew Carnegie What is the least practiced, yet the most important skill to have as a leader or a business owner?  It’s the skill of negotiating! Whether you’re an expert or a neophyte to negotiation, you always want to learn and practice the essentials, just like a professional athlete consistently practices their craft to win at their game.   Work the Fundamentals First!    One of the most important first steps in negotiations is to clarify and identify the interests of each party (Harvard Program on Negotiations, Feb. 2018). Clearly identifying both your interests and the other person’s interests makes it possible to notice options for agreement.  And, equally important, you become aware of strengths and weaknesses in what is being offered or asked. Knowing all your interests and the interests of the other party will help you to create the [...]

Make an Exit Plan that Creates the Future You Want

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"Action is the foundational to key to all success"  -- Pablo Picasso Sometime in the future, you’ll want to transition from the daily running of your business or simply want to sell it.  Maybe you’re there right now and are not sure how to exit – gracefully and with your future in tact. You’re not alone! UBS, a multinational investment bank and financial services company reveals, “48 percent of business owners don’t have a formal exit strategy.” (Q1 Investor Watch Report). Its never too late to create an exit plan for your business.  However, the earlier you start, the better the transition can be for you, your team and your clients. Most business owners see their financial future tied to their business.  I have worked with clients that have not built a solid team or created enough value into their business to have anything to sell.  Others have sold their [...]

Make Fridays Your Launchpad for Freedom!

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"You put your time where your priority is."  -- Sebastian Faulks    There's nothing like a Friday to launch yourself into a rejuvenating weekend -- but it takes a little planning!   To leave the office behind and make sure Monday is a success, a few steps is all it takes.   We've got a recipe for that!!  In our office, Friday's are "Street Sweeper" days where we take time to get our calendars, lists, desks and desktops "re-grouped" and ready for the next week. I have three priorities for my Street Sweeper Friday: Wrap up my current week:  Clean/organize my desk/desktop Review/update lists and actions Tie up pending calls, emails, "to dos" Plan for my next week:  Set/confirm appointments Refresh list of tasks and priorities Set-up "Working Sessions" for my projects Be prepared mentally and physically to take time off: Set the "ending time" for the day so I [...]


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Can you believe how quickly the last quarter of the year is sneaking up on us? Do you still have goals you started in January that you have yet to achieve?  Are you asking, “How will I ever complete them?!” The good news is that there is plenty of time to shift course, apply new action to achieve your goals before the end of the year! We call that finishing strong. Taking an Honest Look. . . […]

Supercharge Your Sales and Marketing!

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Do you find yourself struggling to find new business? Are sales or marketing a “foreign language” to you?  Is it either “feast or famine” for your product or service? In my book, Structured for Success, I lay out a three-part approach for thinking about your business that “chunks down” all your tasks and groups them so you can conquer overwhelm.  Think about your business in these main areas:   “Sell it”, “Do it”, and “Care for it. Find help here. . . […]

Proven System for Growing a Winning Team

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Do you find it difficult to find the right players for your team? Do you feel like you need to micro-manage them to get what you want? It may be that you don’t have an effective system for growing your team. Having the right system in place will create a winning strategy for your business. […]

Victory Over Procrastination (Strategy #7)

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This Victory Over Procrastination series will support you achieving your goals and help you make running your business smoother. Strategy 7: Know and Practice the Basics to Become a Master! What is an easy way to practice mastery everyday? Like every professional athlete or successful business owner you commit to practicing the fundamentals of leading your business daily. With respect to eliminating tolerations and having freedom from procrastinating, you practice taking specific actions daily to complete unfinished business and tolerations. […]