Victory Over Procrastination (Strategy #6)

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This Victory Over Procrastination series will support you achieving your goals and help you make running your business smoother. Strategy 6: Your Environment Determines Outcomes! “People in a broken system create defects.”—Edward Deming When I was a boy, I hung out with the wrong crowd for a semester. My grades went south and my attitude went sideways. Lots of tolerations were generated. My dad sat me down one evening and patiently told me, “Son, if you hang out with dogs. . . you’ll catch fleas.” And boy, was I getting bitten! […]

Diversity: “Cross-Training” for Business

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The strongest, most injury free athletes cross-train to work all their muscle groups. This helps their bodies to maneuver through any obstacles they might encounter in their sports discipline.  Likewise, in the case of business, the teams and individuals that intellectually train and practice being diverse will protect themselves from pitfalls and will give them the greatest edge in the business arena.  Training yourself to be diverse will help your thinking to be more adaptable for top performance in an ever-changing playing field. Traditionally, diversity is often connected exclusively with gender and race.  However, there is a more global and robust definition of diversity that provides tremendous operational advantages for savvy businesses. Here are three types of diversity and how they could fit into your success strategy! 1.  Diversity of Generations Now, more than ever, we have a workforce that spans 3 – 4 generations, each having different technical skills [...]