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Structured for Success

Structured for Success

Reduce Business Headaches, Boost Business Profits

Structured for Success: The 9-Point System to Create Breakthrough Business Results provides a road map for eliminating frustration, long hours, bad hires and workplace chaos. Apply simple and proven strategies inspired by the best practices of world-class businesses.

Karen Logan has taken “best-in-class” ideas of large corporations and converted them to work for the business owner who requires agility and ready-to-use solutions. This book will help you to turn your business into an effective and efficient “machine.”

Structured for Success is a results-driven book, taking you through the proven 9-point system from concept through implementation. Using examples, case studies, illustrations and application you will learn how to leverage structure to improve your business immediately.

In this book you will discover:

  • A structured pathway to breakthrough your business “growth ceiling”
  • Innovative thinking on critical areas your business must have
  • Three proven productivity streams to optimize your time, money and team
  • Strategies to immediately boost your productivity and profitability
  • Instant access to essential templates, audios, checklists and other resources

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The Last Word on Procrastination


Frustration and Missed Opportunities


Freedom and Results Today

The Last Word on Procrastination: A 5-step process for having tomorrow’s results today! is a proven approach for getting rid of the useless stacks, stuck thinking and “stuff” that lives rent-free in your business, life and in your head.

O’Leary Logan teaches you simple techniques and thinking to design a roadmap for practical action. Stop delaying until tomorrow! Your dreams and competition aren’t waiting for you!!

The Last Word on Procrastination is a life-changing book, taking you through a 5-part process to give you all the tools you need to have the results that you desire.

Using examples, case stories, illustrations, and practical application, you will learn how to convert your tolerations in life and business into new outcomes and freedom for today. In this book you will discover:

  • A structured process to finally breakthrough your tolerations
  • Innovative thinking to create new success in life and business
  • A proven process for eliminating unfinished business
  • Strategies to immediately get free from procrastination
  • Instant access to templates, audios and other resources

Available Summer 2017

Fortune 500 Secrets

Learn how to apply the best-kept Fortune 500 Secrets

Using the lessons in the Fortune 500 Secrets for Small Business e-Book, you will be able to increase clarity, productivity, and profit in your business.

Learn These 5 Essential Strategies

  1. Identify areas of Revenue Blockage to increase your income.
  2. Isolate expenses where you’re draining or “bleeding” money, so you can increase profit.
  3. Target areas for increasing productivity and leveraging effort.
  4. Discover areas that can be delegated to move toward your Highest Best use of time.
  5. Expose blind-spots to minimize risk.

Hundreds of people have already applied the Fortune 500 Scerets to optimize their business. They leveraged these secrets not only to increase their profits, but also to eliminate “OwnerWhelm™.”

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