The Fourth of July is a day of celebration and time off for many people in the United States.  We celebrate our American Independence Day – freedom from tyranny and hope for a free future.

Today I come back into the office refreshed and ready to finish up the short week with vigor.  I feel released from the “tyranny” of my “to do” list and have a new hope for achieving my goals.

It got me thinking, “Why, do I feel this freedom today?” I realized that in just one day, I had incorporated most of my strategies that rejuvenate me and give me hope.

Many of our clients come to us because they feel overwhelmed and are looking for hope and freedom.  Perhaps you find yourself in need of these too.

Try one or more of my favorite hope and freedom strategies:

  1. Get out and Move. 
    My favorite way to start to my day is to enjoy the cool and quiet of the morning and get my body moving with a walk or run.  It’s an easy task to accomplish and provides great rewards!  The peace and solitude gets me inspired and hope-filled that I can conquer whatever comes my way.  It gets me awake and ready to go.
  2. Clean the Workspace.
    A clear space opens up possibilities for getting things done and not feeling under the tyranny of stacks, piles and unfinished business. It’s a pathway of freedom away from wasted time and visual overwhelm.  It creates an energetic launching pad for the start of the day.
  3. Empty Out to a List.  
    Getting things out of my head and onto a list is a great way to create new freedom for creativity and energy.  This is one of the strategies from Getting Things Done by David Allen.  I get things out of my head by dictating them on my smartphone. Whether it’s a to do list, all the projects I have going, movies I want to see, people I want to reconnect with, it gets captured easily.  I’ve created freedom and space in my brain for thinking, creating and problem solving!
  4. Allow the Flow of the Positive. 
    Listening to podcasts or reading gets my creative juices and inspiration flowing.  I allow positive people to speak into my life, rejuvenating me with the freedom of possibility and accomplishment.
  5. Change the Environment. 
    Getting away from the “everyday” and being out with new people, in new places and in new situations creates refreshment and freedom.  I’m away from the day-to-day challenges and conversations of the workplace.  I get to look at the world from a new perspective and come back refreshed.

Many business owners and leaders find themselves, at one time or another, feeling bored, overwhelmed or hopeless. Applying one or more of these strategies will provide new freedom and hope of a brighter future.

Take action today – and “let freedom ring!”

To your success,

Karen Logan & Team Renaissance

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