In a few days we start a new quarter – the second half of the year!  It’s a great opportunity for a fresh beginning and a time to be reflective.

As business leaders, we will make mistakes. We’ll probably make decisions that we will regret and miss some opportunities. However, the pain of the past can help us to make a more purposeful future.  We can choose to be wiser!

Here are three steps to propel yourself into the next quarter with new momentum:

  • Inventory what went well for the first part of the year.  Celebrate the accomplishments and feel the reward of the ground gained.
    • Renew your commitment to begin again with new purpose and energy.
  • Reflect on what didn’t go so well for the first part of the year.  Feel the pain of missed opportunities and bad decisions (ouch!).
    • Re-purpose them for fresh resolve to “go again” and take new action.
  • Consider what plans, ideas and actions you had for the past that didn’t start or get completed.
    • Re-launch your efforts with new thinking and more specific plan of action.

As we approach a new quarter, you get to think forward:  How might you be more purposeful, more productive, more profitable?

I invite you to join in the celebration of a new beginning.   We can’t go back, but we can go forward with new wisdom, resolve and purpose.

Take action today:

  • Consider what you would do different and how you might make that shift today to create your future.
  • How can you take the frustration, pain or loss of the past and turn it into something that creates value for your clients, your team or your community around you?

To your success,

Karen Logan & Team Renaissance




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