“You put your time where your priority is.”  — Sebastian Faulks 


There’s nothing like a Friday to launch yourself into a rejuvenating weekend — but it takes a little planning!   To leave the office behind and make sure Monday is a success, a few steps is all it takes.


We’ve got a recipe for that!! 

In our office, Friday’s are “Street Sweeper” days where we take time to get our calendars, lists, desks and desktops “re-grouped” and ready for the next week.

I have three priorities for my Street Sweeper Friday:

  1. Wrap up my current week: 
    • Clean/organize my desk/desktop
    • Review/update lists and actions
    • Tie up pending calls, emails, “to dos”
  2. Plan for my next week: 
    • Set/confirm appointments
    • Refresh list of tasks and priorities
    • Set-up “Working Sessions” for my projects
  3. Be prepared mentally and physically to take time off:
    • Set the “ending time” for the day so I can move into the weekend
    • Have an event or activity kick-off the weekend
    • Take time to appreciate the accomplishments of the week

This ritual of setting up time on Friday for wrapping up my week reminds me that taking time off is key to health and it prepares for strong start onMonday.


Take Action for Your Freedom Friday!

  • Make an appointment today to wrap-up your week and plan for next
  • Wrap-up your loose ends for the week.
  • Update your calendar and “to do” list so you can hit the ground running when you return
  • List your top 3 – 5 accomplishments for the week and appreciate your work!

To your success,

Karen Logan & Team Renaissance




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