Most people look at Monday’s as an interruption to the weekend and the beginning of a hectic workweek.

I like Mondays and see them as a way to kick-off the week with new opportunities for success.

Mondays can have that “fresh new start feel” for you, too.  Here are 3 simple ways that you can have a better Monday every week:

  1. Decide to change your attitude about Mondays.  Look at Mondays as a fresh new start, a great beginning and kick-off for a new week, full of promise and hope. Have a morning walk or workout to shift your mindset and arrive to work fresh.
  2. Make sure your Monday starts with purpose and direction. Use Fridays to wrap-up your final thoughts and create a kick-off list with specific tasks. That way if you’re a little bit groggy on Monday, you’ll have some direction that will allow you to warm-up for the day.
  3. Have an appointment with yourself early in the day in order to work on your business. Close the door, be in a quiet place and set a timer to allow yourself to focus.

I’ve used these strategies as a part of my regular routine and they have helped me to experience Monday as a positive and productive day.

Take on three strategies starting today to set the tone for your week and propel you forward with purpose.

To your success,

Karen Logan & Team Renaissance

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