Can you believe how quickly the last quarter of the year is sneaking up on us?

Do you still have goals you started in January that you have yet to achieve?  Are you asking, “How will I ever complete them?!”

The good news is that there is plenty of time to shift course, apply new action to achieve your goals before the end of the year!

We call that finishing strong.

Taking an Honest Look. . .

groupOne of our annual habits, is to have a strategic planning session in September.  During this meeting we look at what’s gone well during the past year and what hasn’t.

Its key to have an honest talk about our business. We can make adjustments to get back on track.

This approach can work for you!

Planning to Prosper!

Our planning session starts with looking at gaps on our goals for finance, sales, and other targets. We list actions to make the current year’s goal come alive.  We set-up our team to finish the year strong and to propel us into the new year.

We also plan for what our outcomes will be the following year.  We spend time thinking and dreaming about our future.  We create specific plans so the dreams can become real.

We put ourselves in the future and ask, “What does our success look like when I arrive at December 31st, this year? What does success look like when we arrive at the end of next year?”

At the end of our session, we have a clear written road-map to follow for the next months

Starting Early is Key

This “quarter in advance” approach has greatly helped our company and our team to move forward with intention.  We also find our new year starts with energy and purpose.  It can also help your business!

Take action:

  • Set aside a date to have a meeting
  • Look at the gaps in your current year goals
  • List actions needed to get to those goals
  • List 3 major outcomes for next year
  • Determine a written plan to achieve each
  • Assign names and dates
  • Start working the road-map you’ve created!

To your success!

Karen Logan & Team Renaissance

PS: Need help getting started on your year-end planning? Click here to request a Strategic Planning Meeting template.