Are you feeling alone in running your business? Do you find that you’re working more hours just to keep up with the workload you have?

In my book, Structured for Success, I lay out a three-part approach for thinking about your business that “chunks down” all your tasks and groups them so you can conquer overwhelm. Think about your business in these main areas: “Sell it”, “Do it”, and “Care for it.

Look here for relief!

do-itThe “Do it” area of your business is probably your strong spot. This is where you provide products and services to your clients. You probably got into business because you were good at what you do.

However, when your business starts growing, how do you keep up with the demand? What can you do get some breathing room in your schedule?

A list is your way out!

One quick way to get relief is to start by listing all the things you do to get your product or service delivered to your clients.

You’ll find that are a number of tasks that are not the best use of your time. Which could be delegated, automated or eliminated? This list is where to start identifying WHAT can be moved off your plate.

Make it happen. . .

If a task would be best delegated, start writing down its steps. What is its purpose? How frequently is it performed? When does it need to be completed?

Write out a checklist or step-by-step instructions so that you could teach someone to take on the task successfully.

Continue this process with other tasks that you want to delegate. This will position you to start to create breathing room in your schedule.

Finding help in unexpected places!

With one or more tasks identified, find someone to help. Put the word out to clients, colleagues, networking connections. This is where you identify WHO can help.

Whether you hire an employee or outsource the task, make sure you select someone who will take on the tasks with enthusiasm and expertise. This way you begin to replicate yourself and keep your brand strong.

Add people who will lighten the load, not add to the burden.

Get started now

  • List the tasks you perform to deliver the products and services to your clients
  • Mark those that are not your best use of time
  • Determine which you will delegate, automate or eliminate
  • Select one or more of the delegated tasks and write out the steps you perform
  • Ask clients and colleagues for referrals for good people to fill the position

To your success!

Karen Logan & Team Renaissance

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