“Practice does not make perfect; Practice creates a habit.”

One condition that I know plagues almost every business owner is they are very, very busy.

Do you find yourself in this camp? At the end of the day do you find you still have a week’s worth of activity to complete? You wake up at 5am and you’re already 3 hours behind!?

Somehow others are able to get more accomplished in the same 24 hours. What do they do that’s different than your approach?

Highly successful people use daily rituals that increase their productivity. And they do these regardless of how they feel.

Here are five key rituals I use to be more productive daily. I have learned these from other highly successful business owners – and they work!

  1. Plan your day before it starts.
  2. Work your most important actions.
  3. Stack productivity.
  4. Log what you do.
  5. Be grateful.

These seem so simple but many people don’t apply them and find themselves always behind.  Doing these every day will make you more productive.

Listen to this short audio where I give you more golden nuggets to help you be more productive – even if you’re already practicing these rituals.

Being more productive will not only help your bottom line —  it’ll also help you get back more time into your life.To your success!

O’Leary Logan & Team Renaissance

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