This Victory Over Procrastination series will support you achieving your goals and help you make running your business smoother.

Strategy 7: Know and Practice the Basics to Become a Master!

What is an easy way to practice mastery everyday?

Like every professional athlete or successful business owner you commit to practicing the fundamentals of leading your business daily.

With respect to eliminating tolerations and having freedom from procrastinating, you practice taking specific actions daily to complete unfinished business and tolerations.

If you practice one of these disciplines every day you will find freedom from procrastinating:

  1. You are an action catalyzer, so take action! You are not a procrastinator.
  2. You take daily action to grasp opportunity vs. living in regret.
  3. You are aware of how you get stuck in procrastinating. You notice, interrupt and keep moving forward.
  4. You take on new mindsets to drive you toward your outcomes.
  5. You create and leverage future-oriented language vs. complaining.
  6. You set yourself up for winning by creating a great environment to work in.

Everyday, practice one these mindsets and actions, until they turn into a habit. In this way, you will train you mind and body to have mastery over procrastinating vs. procrastination controlling you.

Listen to this short audio to learn more about how these six practices can improve your life and work.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Knock it out today!

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