This Victory Over Procrastination series will support you achieving your goals and help you make running your business smoother.

Strategy 6: Your Environment Determines Outcomes!

“People in a broken system create defects.”
—Edward Deming

When I was a boy, I hung out with the wrong crowd for a semester. My grades went south and my attitude went sideways.

Lots of tolerations were generated. My dad sat me down one evening and patiently told me, “Son, if you hang out with dogs. . . you’ll catch fleas.” And boy, was I getting bitten!

The solution: I changed my environment and my grades went up!

Think about the environment that you work in. How might you change it so that you can engage, move along and eliminate your tolerations and unfinished business?

What about your environment needs to change so unfinished business doesn’t bite you or your budget anymore?

How might you physically engage your environment differently to have new results?

You can have a great mindset and lots of action, but if you have a process that is not optimized or “broken” then sub-quality results, or time-wasters will occur.

Listen to this short audio to learn about the importance of changing your environment and how it will help you eliminate your tolerations.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Knock it out today!

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