This Victory Over Procrastination series will support you achieving your goals and help you make running your business smoother.

Strategy 2: Creating a new Mindset!

“Use what was missed as a resource for your future.”

How do you best reverse the affects of procrastinating?!

As mentioned in last week’s audio, procrastinating is resistance to taking forward action toward your outcomes.

An interrupting event occurs in your day or week and then Bam! – you’re off course. Something gets in the way of your progress.

The interruption can be a technical issue, a planning issue or simply a mindset that doesn’t match the change you want.

If you allow that interruption to take over, then you’re officially procrastinating. Certainly, there may be urgent issues that need to be addressed and moved to the top of the list. What I’m talking about is intentional avoidance.

Most people have issues that they continually and intentionally avoid. These are called tolerations.

Every time you think about them or see them they annoy you and use up your energy with nothing in return. Hence, tolerations “live rent-free in your head.”

If you keep avoiding what you need to do, eventually opportunity will pass, which will lead you face-to-face with regret.

In this short audio I talk about how tolerations are connected with procrastinating, and how to transition through regret by creating a powerful “backstop.” Plus, you’ll get a practical approach to start working through your tolerations.

Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Knock it out today!

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