Did you ever have a busy week that you didn’t know how you’d get it all done?

Building productivity and accomplishment can happen by investing just a few minutes at the beginning of the week.

Here’s my simple approach to handling multiple projects successfully:

  1. Divide to Conquer: Take a blank piece of paper and divide it into 4 to 6 sections. Title each section for the major project or activity you are working for the week.
  2. Identify Tasks: List the actions/tasks you need to accomplish for the week with a date/time next to those that have a deadline. Give each task a checkbox.
  3. Assign Duration: Estimate the time each task will take to be accomplished.
  4. Prioritize: Use a highlighter on the checkbox of the tasks to be completed for the day. Then, prioritize using the A, B, C method. Tasks that are to be completed later in the week remain unmarked.
  5. Schedule: Set blocks of working time on your calendar throughout the week for each of the projects. Appointments will allow you to make progress on each project and keep your mind focused on a single project at a time.
  6. Work the Plan: Start working your prioritized tasks during your scheduled time block. Knock them out one at a time. Celebrate the completion of each task by “checking” the highlighted checkbox.

Once you have created this one-page master plan for the week, take a few minutes each day to revisit it, completing steps 4 & 6.

The point is: Don’t hold your “to dos” in your head. Getting your plan written out will create more peace and progress.

To your success!

Karen Logan & Team Renaissance

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