“Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” – Michael Jordan

Continual learning is a priority for your “intellectual fitness” as a business owner. Part of that learning is venturing into areas outside your comfort zone. Every time you take on a new challenge you are confronted with new questions, new problems to solve and new obstacles to overcome. There is the opportunity to live into your potential and discover that your fear was just an illusion.

This year I took on a new challenge: publish a bestselling book. I found that this was just the beginning of the journey of stretching my comfort zone. Writing and publishing the book was the first “stretch” into this new world. Marketing and promoting it was another — a new and different challenge.

70-Karen_at_Book_FaireAs part of the initiation into this new world, I participated in a local author fair. Being one of 50 authors, was a foreign experience. I was stretching my comfort zone in an unknown environment, outside of my typical business world. However, armed with a positive attitude and commitment, I found new opportunities and new friends. I learned from the experience of others and added new tools to my toolbox. I also discovered that many of my skills translated well into this new environment. All in all, there was much I gained that I would not have had if I stayed in my comfort zone that Sunday afternoon!

The lesson learned is once you have expanded your comfort zone, activities and ideas that seemed impossible become doable. The limit is an illusion. When you live into your potential you attract opportunity and you accomplish amazing things. Your success inspires others to succeed.

I encourage you to take one step to stretch your comfort zone. What is one bold action you can take today? You will probably find on the other side of you comfort zone your dream realized and a new horizon of possibilities ahead of you!

To Your Success!

Team Renaissance